The word WELLNESS can mean so many different things.  Here at SYNERGY I work with you on creating  balance in your physical, emotional and chemical environment to achieve wellness.

SYNERGY is the harmonic combination of one’s physical, emotional and chemical environment working together so their combined effects are greater then if they are working alone.  Here at SYNERGY I am constantly striving to help people find their SYNERGY.  Over the years I have found that having balance in one’s life is truly the key to genuine health and ultimate happiness.  When an imbalance in one’s physical, emotional and chemical environment occurs a person’s true health is in jeopardy.  This can lead to the presence of health issues, some which can become quite serious.

With all of the major health issues we are experiencing in society as a whole, an amazing enlightenment is beginning to occur.  Society is beginning to make a shift.  This shift is towards Natural Health Care.  Not only are we starting to take responsibility for our own health but we are also changing how we expect to achieve that health.

At SYNERGY I want to help you achieve that health and because balance is so important I offer services in balancing your physical, emotional, and chemical environment.

    PHYSICAL:  To help you achieve PHYSICAL balance I offer Chiropractic care as well as health and wellness information on improving the balance of your physical life.  To learn more about Chiropractic care please click on the CHIROPRACTIC tab above.

    EMOTIONAL:  To help you achieve EMOTIONAL balance chiropractic care and nutritional care can help a person be better equipped to handle life emotionally.  Also I offer health and wellness classes that address many different aspects of emotional balance.

  CHEMICAL:  To help you achieve CHEMICAL balance I offer Designed Clinical Nutrition through Nutritional Response Testing™ (N.R.T.) as well as thoughts on whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.   To learn more information about Designed Clinical Nutrition  and Nutritional Response Testing ™ (N.R.T.) please click on the NUTRITION tab above.

May you NEVER be the same!

Disclaimer: This is not a medical service. Suggested programs are not intended as a treatment for any disease. Our advice is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

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