Ahh Nutrition.  That word can have so many different meanings to each of us.  The processed food that we eat these days is just void of nutrition.  It has been stripped of natural nutrition and had a few man made vitamins thrown in.  You have probably heard this thought  before that as a country we are overfed and undernourished.  Sometimes we know we are just not eating well.  We are enjoying our soda and processed foods but deep down we know that it is not healthy.   How about when you are eating fresh foods and taking your “vitamins”?   Wouldn’t you think that you are eating healthy and practicing good nutrition?  Unfortunately that may not be the case and here’s why.



We think that we are doing a good job by adding more vegetables to our diet and we are, somewhat.  You are not actually doing yourself as much good as you think though if you are buying vegetables that are mass produced.  The reason is, for one, vegetables grown for big stores often have had pesticides and other chemicals used on them.   These don’t always just wash off.  You should wash your vegetables of course, but keep in mind the fact these chemicals are sprayed on your veggies and can soak in which then means you can ingest them.   The body doesn’t always know what to do with these chemicals and may not be able to eliminate them like they should.  The body can end up storing up these chemicals and they can cause health problems for some over time.

Another fact to consider is that the dirt this produce has been grown in has had produce grown in it over and over again.  Many of the nutrients that once occupied the dirt are no longer available to the plant and so the produce is not as nutritious.  So even though you are trying to eat healthy you still may be suffering from lack of nutrition.



You may have  noticed that the word “vitamins” is in quotes.  The reason is that in today’s market most of the “vitamins” available contain man made elements or only contain the main “vitamin” ex. Vit. A, Vit. D, Vit. C.  that they have stripped out of foods.  What is wrong with that you ask?  Well plenty.

There is a great deal evidence starting to surface that there is actually a synergy that occurs within foods that allows vitamins and other substances to work together to do their jobs.  When one of these vitamins are changed or presented to do their job alone, they often can’t do their job effectively and in some cases can actually do harm to a body instead of helping.  In this case, too much of a “vitamin” can be too much of a good thing.

You often hear that certain fruits and vegetables can help prevent or treat diseases.  When companies figured out that these foods could help they wanted to sell the main ingredient that these foods contain  that help so people would not have to actually eat the food and could just eat the nutrient.  The problem with that, like I mentioned, is that it is not a single component in a food that helps you stay healthy, but instead a group of substances that actually provide health.

At SYNERGY I offer whole food supplements that not only contain the vitamins that you need but they contain the complex of substances that your body needs because they are made from actual food that has been grown in soil that is well-managed.

One of my main goals here at SYNERGY is to help you understand true nutrition and how it affects your overall health.  Come on in and let’s talk about how to get you on your way to having SYNERGY!

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