As someone who has had Chiropractic in her life since she was a kid, I forget sometimes that not everyone knows about chiropractic and its wonderful benefits.  So let me give you the basics.

Your nervous system controls absolutely every cell, tissue, & organ within your body.  That is a proven medical fact.  The nervous system includes your brain and spinal cord.  Your brain is protected by your skull and your spinal cord is protected by your spinal bones or vertebrae.  Every function within your body is dependent on your nervous system sending and receiving information.  The extent to which your nervous system is able to communicate with your body directly affects your health.

Let me give you an example.  Remember the game telephone that you used to play in elementary school?  You would start a message and by the time it got to the end it was totally different than what it started as.  Well, the nervous system can act like that.  If a message is sent, and it runs into interference, the message may change by the time it gets to its target which means the target may not work like it is supposed to and over time, may not work at all.

Now let’s imagine that the nerve that is being interfered with is a nerve that runs to the small intestines.  Now you can’t absorb nutrition like you should.   This could eventually lead to malnutrition which of course can lead to major health issues.  Or let’s imagine that the nerve is one that runs to your low back muscles and because that nerve isn’t doing its job, the muscles aren’t doing their job and now you have low back pain and instability.  This can be applied to any nerve and its target in the body.  You get the idea.

Sometimes the area that is affected screams at you like when you have muscle pain and sometimes you don’t even realize it is going on until you have a major problem.  So what can cause interference in the nervous system?

BJ Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, used to say, THOUGHTS, TRAUMAS, & TOXINS lead to subluxations.  Subluxations are what us Chiropractors find when there is interference in the nervous system.  This idea of THOUGHTS, TRAUMAS, & TOXINS amazingly enough still holds true today.  How we feel about life and how we deal with it can lead to stress which can cause interference on the nervous system.  The trips and falls, car accidents, and other traumas in our life can also lead to interference on the nervous system.  What we put into and on our bodies from the food we eat, medicines we take, and the lotions we use can cause interference on the nervous system.

If you think about all of the different stressors that can interfere with you nervous system messages, it is amazing that your brain & body get as much done in a day as it does!  But it might be easier now to understand why things can go wrong.

Well Great!  Now that we know what causes these subluxations or interference how do we fix it? Every doctor uses the tools they have in their toolbox.   Whereas a Medical Doctor has Surgery and Prescription Medication in their tool box(which they use to rip out and cover up problems) as a Chiropractor I have, providing an adjustment, nutritional supplements made out of actual food, and wellness education to address the root of the problem, in my tool box.



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